NPower January Stipend News: Management Starts Crediting Of Beneficiaries Account For January Payment

NPower Stipend News Today : Nasims Initiates  Npower February Stipends 

Nasims Initiated Npower February Stipends To Begin Payment Soon – According to Nasims, 2022 February Payment Successfully initiated. Crediting of Accounts to commence soon. This update was given to all unpaid beneficiaries of January Stipends and other outstanding payments.

While February Payment has successfully been initiated, please note that, THOSE WHOSE ISSUES HAVE BEEN RESOLVED ARE BEING PAID ON DAILY BASIS. You’ll be paid too as soon as the issue that resulted in the delay in payment of your stipend is resolved., Nasims said as it apologies for the delay!

In line the payment update given, Nasims encouraged beneficiaries with complaints to direct their issues to the management official email address for appropriate action.

However, Nasims says that the official email for lodgement of complaints is down and not in functionality. All complaint should for now be lodged on the Npower official page for attention.

Once email is up and functional, you shall be duly informed. For now, utilize the available option. And don’t forget to follow Nasims on Instagram and Subscribe to its YouTube channel.

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