JAMB Exam Slip Reprinting 2022 - How to allow popup for JAMB site

JAMB Exam Slip Reprinting 2022 – How to allow popup for JAMB site and all browsers can be accessed below..

To print 2022 JAMB Exam Slip, JAMB candidates are advised to please allow popup for this site “www.jamb.org.ng” from your browser

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What are pop-ups?

Spring up windows, or pop-ups, are windows that show up consequently without your consent. They differ in size yet for the most part don’t cover the entire screen. Some pop-ups open over the current Firefox window, while others show up underneath Firefox (pop-unders).

Firefox enables you to control both pop-ups and pop-unders in Firefox Options . Spring up blocking is turned on as a matter of course, so you don’t need to stress over empowering it to counteract pop-ups from showing up in Firefox.

When obstructing pop, Firefox shows a data bar (in the event that it hasn’t been recently expelled –  see beneath), just as an icon  in the location bar.

When you click either the Options  button in the information bar or the symbol in the location bar, a menu is shown with the accompanying decisions:

Permit/Block pop-ups for this site

Alter Pop-up Blocker Options…

Try not to demonstrate this message when pop-ups are blocked

(demonstrate the obstructed)

Blocking pop-ups may meddle with certain sites: Some sites, including some financial destinations, utilize pop-ups for significant highlights. Obstructing all pop-ups incapacitates such highlights. To enable explicit sites to utilize pop-ups, while as yet obstructing all others, you can add those particular sites to the rundown of permitted locales.

Blocking pop-ups doesn’t generally work: Although Firefox squares most pop-ups, a few sites may indicate pop-ups utilizing revealed techniques, notwithstanding when they are blocked.

Pop-up blocker settings

To get to the spring up blocker settings:

Snap the menu catch and pick Options.

Select the Privacy and Security board.

Under the Permissions area, uncheck the crate alongside Block spring up windows to incapacitate the spring up blocker through and through.

A tick on Exceptions… opens a discourse box with a rundown of destinations that you need to permit to show pop-ups.

The discourse box offers you the accompanying decisions:

Allow: When you Click this to add a website to the roll of exceptions list.
Remove Site: Click this to standard remove a website from the roll of exceptions list.
Remove All Sites: Click this to remove all of the websites in the exceptions list.

Note: Blocking pop-ups may occassionally work and may interfere with some websites. For more gist on this, see the What are Pop-ups? section above.

Pop-ups not being blocked

Is the pop-up coming from Firefox?

The pop-up may not actually be coming from Firefox. You can determine where the pop-up is coming from by the appearance of the window.

  • If you see the location bar with the Site Info button in the pop-up window, the pop-up is coming from Firefox.
  • If you don’t see the button, you may have malware on your computer that causes the pop-ups. For help, see Troubleshoot Firefox issues caused by malware.

Is the pop-up blocker on and enabled for this site?

  1. Click the menu button and choose Options.
  2. Select the panel and go to the Permissions section.
  3. Make sure the Block pop-up windows checkbox is checked.
  4. To the right of Block pop-up windows, click the Exceptions… button. A dialog box will open and lists all the sites that are allowed to show pop-ups.
  5. If the site that’s opening pop-ups is listed here, select it and press Remove Site.
  6. Click on Save changes to update your changes.
  7. Close the about:preferences page. Any changes you’ve made will automatically be saved.

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