The joy of every candidates is to pass UTME and succeed in POSTUTME. The truth is that the questions you faced during UTME, you may not come accross it during POSTUTME.

It is now left for you to get prepared for your POSTUTME. There are simple techniques you can adopt to pass your exam. There is no shortcut anywhere.

Once you follow the simple tips, then success is on the way.


1. Search for past questions similar to your course of study and digest properly.

2. You can go to the school website and download some of their past questions.

3. Try and do small research from those already admitted students on how they go about it.

4. Make sure you concentrate while reading.

5. Do not allow anybody to implicate you.

6. Do your best and leave the rest.

It is important for you to make findings of the date of your choice of school postume so as to get prepared ahead.

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