It so disheartening when you see student writing JAMB many times and unable to secure admission. You must have raised series of questions, yet no answer was provided.

Imagine, after spending many nights of thorough reading and during exam, you’re confident of victory and after exam, the reverse is the case. Then you ask yourself the real problem and still unable to get positive response.

Shedding tears is not the solution. Behind every problem, there is always a solution.

Let’s treat the question of why many students write exam without gaining admission.

1. Poor level of preparation

Poor level of preparation is one of the reasons why student write JAMB many times, without gaining admission. Imagine a student preparing for exam and spend 5 hours on movies and just 30 minutes on books. Chances of passing such exam is zero percent.


2. Failure to read wide

Every exam need thorough reading and research. If you have any exam ahead of you. You’re expected to read wide and beyond syllabus. When you read narrowly, then be expecting low scores in your exam, that’s the bitter truth.

3. Failure to pray.

Failure to pray before, during and after exam may form a major inclusive part of why you wrote JAMB many times. Always ask for wisdom, knowledge and understanding at all times.


4. Too much concentration on cheating

If you’re the type that depend on cheating then good scores may not come your way. How do you expect to cheat during exam and get good grade. No examiner will overlook your shortcomings of cheating.


Finally, be prepared for any exam ahead of you and victory will be yours.

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