In life, skills cannot be overlooked. Skills also formed a major inclusive part of every successful stories. There is a huge difference between having a skill and ability to utilize it effectively.

Do you know that there are many skills not taught in school?

Do you know that many teachers see some of those skills as hidden opportunity and sometimes feel reluctant to reveal it while teaching?

As student, you need to go extra mile to learn some of the hidden under listed skills for purpose of learning.

In this article, we are going to shed light on top 10 hidden skills not taught in school and how you can make effective use of it.

1.Conversation skills
2.Thinking skills
3.How to make Money
4.Dating and Romantic Relationships Tips
5.Rights and Duties
6.How To Cope Without Certain Technology
7.Home Repair & Homeowner’s Insurance Tips
8.Car Repair & Car Insurance Tips
9.Personal Credit & Credit Cards Tips
10.Cooking Tips

The truth is that, people make millions of naira from some of the above listed tips. The best decision is to make use of it effectively.

It is also important to ask for guide so as not to go astray. For guides, Check out our next article.

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