ASUU strike has become a torn in the flesh of many Nigerian students. Recently, another 12 weeks was added to the just concluded strike.

Series of protests have been carried out in the country, just to curb the strike. Will there be any way forward or positive outcome?

Many students have been rendered useless as a result of the strike. Imagine, young ladies becoming mothers at younger age as a result of inability to engage in any meaningful activities.

There is no assurance that the strike will come to an end anytime soon.

At this point, we are going to shed light on how you can make millions of naira during the strike

1. Engage in entrepreneurship

During the ongoing strike, students need to engage in entrepreneurship that can fetch them good amount of money. There are series of entrepreneurship skills you can learn online as a student and your source of income will be heavily guaranteed.


2. Organize online classes and tutorials

The truth is that some parents are ready to pay heavily, just to educate their children. Among your peers, you can also organize tutorials and state your charges. Out of one hundred percent, 80 percent will definitely cooperate.


3. Engage in networking business

Networking business is paying heavily presently. You need to join the train. There are lots of networking business online. Check some of them and engage in one. An idle man is a devil’s man workshop.


4. Engage in Copywriting for companies

Finally, you can also engage in copywriting for companies. There are companies that are ready to pay huge amount of money, just to market or promote their goods, services and products.

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