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The coronavirus pandemic has taken a new dimension in Benue state as there was a record number of new cases over the past week. There is inadequate information about the rate of community transmission o the virus in many rural communities because fewer testing has been done there.

Also, it is only among the elite and politicians that known cases have been announced. Many top politicians in the country have gone on self-isolation after their aides or close allies test postie to the virus. That was the case with the Benue state governor Samuel Ortom who went into isolation with his family and aides some weeks ago.

After the test was conducted, it was found that the wife of the governor, his son, their maids and house workers all tested positive to the coronavirus. However, the Benue state governor tested negative.

The first case of the coronavirus in Benue state involved one Mrs Ruth was very controversial as the woman in question released several social media videos to claim that she was not really infected with covid19.

However, with the recent revelation of many new cases, there is panic in the state that Covid19 is still very much around. Many other suspected cases are also waiting to be disclosed to the public as the Nigerian Center for Disease Control continues to expand its testing capacity.

Currently, the total number of infected people is put at about 28 thousand sparking fears that in the coming week the number of positive cases recorded in Nigeria will exceed thirty thousand while the deaths from the virus are fast approaching one thousand.

The wealthy class and politicians in Nigeria appear to be using more stiffer measures to protect against Covid19 yet many of them have tested positive while some have died.


Nothing is being said or done about the poor and the majority of Nigerians who are leaving without basic protective measures. Many of them have been living as if nothing is happening. As the government boosts its capacity to test even in rural areas, more cases will be reported.

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