Full List of Nigerian Army Ranks and Monthly Salaries 2021

Nigerian Army Ranks and Monthly salaries has been compiled by GoldenNewsNg


Below is the official current breakdown of Nigerian Army Ranks and Monthly Salaries.

New Nigerian Army salaries per month (2021)

Here is the current full list of the Nigerian Army Ranks plus their monthly earnings.

  • Private Soldier monthly pay is N49, 000
  • Lance Corporal monthly pay is N55, 000
  • Corporal monthly pay is N58, 000
  • Sergeant monthly pay is N63, 000
  • Staff Sergeant monthly pay is N68, 000
  • Warrant Officer monthly pay is N80, 000
  • Master Warrant Officer monthly pay is N90, 000
  • Second Lieutenant monthly salary is N120,000
  • Lieutenant earns N180,000 monthly
  • Captain monthly salary is N220,000
  • Major monthly pay is N300,000
  • Lieutenant Colonel monthly pay is N350,000
  • Colonel monthly pay is N550,000
  • Brigadier General monthly pay is N750,000
  • Major General monthly pay is N950,000
  • Lieutenant General is paid N1,000,000 monthly
  • General earns N1,500,000 monthly
1 Field Marshal Yet to be attained
2 General N1,500.000
3 Lieutenant General N1,000,000
4 Major General N950,000
5 Brigadier General N750,000
6 Colonel N550,000
7 Lieutenant Colonel N350,000
8 Major N300,000
9 Captain N220,000
10 Lieutenant N180,000
11 Second Lieutenant N120,000
1 Warrant Officer Class 1 N90,000
2 Warrant Officer Class 2 N80,000
3 Staff Sergeant N68,000
4 Sergeant N63,000
5 Corporal N58,000
6 Lance – corporal N55,000
7 Private N49,000
8 Recruit N/A

Formation of the Nigerian Army (NA)

Below is the formation of the Nigerian army under the present Chief of Army staff, Lt. Gen. Yusuf Buratai:

  1. 1st Division, headquartered in Kaduna
  2. 2nd Division (HQ Ibadan)
  3. 3rd Armoured Division HQ is Jos
  4. 81st Division (Amphibious) HQ in Lagos
  5. 82nd Division (Airborne and Amphibious) HQ in Enugu
  6. 7th Infantry Division (JTF-RO) HQ in Maiduguri
  7. 6 Division HQ Port Harcourt
  8. 8 Division HQ Sokoto
  9. TRADOC (Training and Doctrine Command) HQ Minna.


Note , the above breakdown is the new Nigerian army salary per month after minimum wage increase to N30,000.

The New monthly salary of the officers and soldiers in the Nigerian Army

Traditionally, Nigerian soldier is paid according to his or her rank. The highest paid rank in the military system is the General with a monthly salary of N1.5 million while a private soldier which is the least rank earns a salary of about N49,000 per month.

For University graduates, you are being paid N150,000 per month with the rank of second lieutenant which is the graduate entry level position after the 6 months compulsory training.

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