29-Yr-Old Nigerian Accountant, Ibraheem Egunbambi Bags 4.5yrs In UK Jail For Rape

29-Yr-Old Nigerian Accountant, Ibraheem Egunbambi Bags 4.5yrs In UK Jail For Rape

A Nigerian accountant has been sentenced to four-and-a-half years imprisonment by a Manchester Crown Court, in the UK, for molesting a girl who thought she was having sex with his friend.

Ibraheem Egunbambi, 29, had made advances at the girl, who he met at a party, but she rejected him, and she had instead decided to have consensual sex with one of his friends.

GoldenNewsNg gathered that the convict, however raped her while she was facing the other way and believed it was the other man having sex with her.

Egunbambi claimed it was “just a bit of fun”, but the jury found him guilty of rape. He was jailed for four-and-a-half years for the assault, which took place three years ago.

Delivering the judgement, Judge Patrick Field QC told him, “It was not just a bit of fun. This was a nasty, disrespectful and unpleasant violation of a young woman. You knew she wanted to have nothing to do with you of a sexual nature.

While she was facing the wall you slipped onto the bed behind her. You knew it was important that she thought that she was still having sexual intercourse with the other man, as indeed she did. Once she realised she wasn’t having sex with the same man as earlier she told Egunbambi to stop and he did.

But this didn’t stop you trying to justify your frankly deplorable behaviour by saying it was just a bit of fun. There can be no doubt as to the upset and distress that she was caused, both at the time and subsequently.

That distress can only have been compounded by having the ordeal of reliving these events while giving evidence in court, and being accused of being a liar in the process,”

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